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 The Business Analytics Institute is a service provider dedicated to helping both managers and management improve their ability to take tough decisions.



Our customers are operational and strategic management who believe that a better use of the available data can improve individual and collective decision making.

We dispose of a corporate training facilities in the center of Paris (4 Rue Édouard VII) and a campus in Bayonne on the French coast.

Our expertise focuses on the practices of work in the digital age, managerial decision-making, machine learning, community management and visual communications.

Our institute offers a wide range of training and consulting services to meet market demand: e-learning and digital content, one-day MasterClasses , Corporate and ExecEd modules, and our dedicated Summer School.  

Our unique workshops provide high potential managers with a solid understanding of the practice of using analytics in business and industry- how to evaluate the data at hand, how to apply the appropriate methodologies to specific types of business challenges, and how to transform data into collective action.

For more information on the Institute, please consult the Business Analytics Institute Website or Lucile Sorenson at <>


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studentsparis.jpg What is the who, where, and when of Data Science education?   Ever since the Harvard Business Review declared five years ago that Data Science was the “sexiest job on Earth”, students have flocked by the tens of thousands in pursuit of degrees in the field.  arrowfold.jpg
Bayonne2.png Our 2018 Summer School  is designed to explore the mission critical skills in applying data science to business decision-making in fields ranging from marketing, operations, finance...  arrowfold.jpg
School2.jpg The Business Analytics Institute is a service provider dedicated to helping both managers and management improve their ability to take tough decisions...  arrowfold.jpg
 Student2.PNG On September 8th, the Business Analytics Institute and Silamir hosted a breakfast conference on "Data Science's Dirty Little Secrets" for a select group of twenty senior managers in Paris.   arrowfold.jpg
LinkedIn-Logo.png The LinkedIn Group on Analytics for Management offers a number of free resources for management students and graduates interested in developing their analytical skills.


The Business Analytics Institute and 7wData join forces in a strategic media partnership to promote data-driven decision making.   arrowfold.jpg


This Newsletter  has been created specifically by the  Business Analytics Institute to foster conversation around the use of analytics in improving business decision-making. You will find our latest contributions on the subject, a desciption of our service offer, and our recommendations of recent articles from the trade press.