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Over the last month, the BAI Community has been active in preparing and facilitating training, conferences and online events. Highlights include : 

Our Boot Camps

Our Spring Session will be held from March 1-10th  in Smithfield, RI on the Artificial Intelligence for Management with a deep dive into Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Technologies, Image Recognition and Robotics. Our Spring faculty will be composed of Profs. Mentzer, Cielen,  Schlenker, and Zhang.  Further information can be found on the website and from Prof. Richard Glass at

Our Summer Session will be held from July 1-10th  in Bayonne, France on The Practice of Data Science with a specific focus on  Health Analytics, Smart Cities and Transportation. Our summer faculty will be composed of Profs. Sieber, CielenStockingerSchlenker.  Further information can be found on the website and from Prof. Schlenker at

Our Fall Session will be held from September 6-15th  on The Ethics of Data Science in Mysore, India in exploring the challenges and opportunities of Automated Decision-Making, Micro-Targeting, Truth by Design and Data Privacy. Our Fall faculty will include Profs. Hitz, Minhaj, and Schlenker.  Further information can be found on the website and from Prof. Richard Glass at

Trade Conferences

Dr. Lee Schlenker was a keynote speaker at the end of the year in Group Futura’s Post GDPR summit in Berlin, Germany. Prof. Schlenker’s discussion explored the relationship between “consumer trust” and data science’s “ground truths” in proposing a framework for focusing GDPR implementations around the notion of “Trust by Design”.  For further information on the GDPR Summit, and the Group Futurista, please contact Satvik Katyal at

Drs Davy Cielen and Lee Schlenker were keynote speakers in IQPC’s Airport Operational Excellence and Automation Conference January 28-30th in in Mainz, Germany. Prof. Cielen’s talk explored the current challenges and opportunities of process mining at the Brussels airport. Prof. Schlenker’s talk on “AI First” reviewed BAI’s evaluation for AI initiatives in the airport and airline industry. For further information on this conference, and the ICPC, please contact Dr. Nikolaus Siemaszko at

University Conferences

The BAI ran a graduate module on “AI and Big Data” in January for the Specialized Masters on Information Architectures at the IAE in Grenoble, France.  The module covered the foundations of Data Science, the challenges of Big Data, the of Machine Learning, and the future of Artificial Intelligence. For further information on this module, and IAE’s MSIO, please contact Dr. Armelle Farestier at

Profs. Mohamed Minhaj and Lee Schlenker facilitated the final module in February of SDMIMD’s Analytics Track, Analytics in Action, in Mysore, India.  This module explored case studies of  the operational and managerial challenges of Data Science in Community Management, Education, Fin Tech, the Life Sciences, Manufacturing, and Smart Cities.  For further information on this module, and IAE’s MSIO, please contact Prof. Mohamed Minhaj at .

Community Events

The Data Science Society organized a very successful "Hack the News" online Datathon from Jan 21 to 29th with teams competing on four continents. Dr. Sergi Seriev and his team challenged the audience to develop machine learning models to identifying propaganda using NLP and text-mining. Special local events were organized during the week in Bangalore (India), Doha (Qatar), Sophia (Bulgaria), and Riyadh (Saudi Arabia).  For more information on this event, and the Data Science Society, please contact Denitsa Yordanova at

In developing the BAI Community and its links to working professionals in Data Science, the BAI hosted working meetings in February with the management of Adecco, Cuurios, Cybot, Kreditech, Smart Dubai, Sopha Genetics, and ZeroG. For more information on BAI's corporate relations, please contact Dr. Lee Schlenker at

Community News

Let our community know here what projects you're working on, and if and how they can get involved. Contact Lucile Sorenson at <>

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