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Over the last month, the BAI Community has been active in preparing and facilitating training, conferences and online events. Highlights include : 

Our Boot Camps

Our Summer Session will be held from July 1-10th  in Bayonne, France on The Practice of Data Science with a specific focus on  Health Analytics, Smart Cities and Transportation. Our summer faculty will be composed of Profs. Sieber, CielenStockingerSchlenker.  Further information can be found on the website and from Prof. Schlenker at

Our Fall Session will be held from September 6-15th  on The Ethics of Data Science in Mysore, India in exploring the challenges and opportunities of Automated Decision-Making, Micro-Targeting, Truth by Design and Data Privacy. Our Fall faculty will include Profs. Hitz, Minhaj, and Schlenker.  Further information can be found on the website and from Prof. Richard Glass at

Our Spring Session will be held again next March 1-10th  in Smithfield, RI on the Artificial Intelligence for Management with a deep dive into Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Technologies, Image Recognition and Robotics. Our Spring faculty will be composed of Profs. Mentzer, Cielen,  Schlenker, and Zhang.  Further information can be found on the website and from Prof. Richard Glass at

University Conferences

Profs. Mohamed Minhaj and Lee Schlenker facilitated the final module in February of SDMIMD’s Analytics Track, Analytics in Action, in Mysore, India.  This module explored case studies of  the operational and managerial challenges of Data Science in Community Management, Education, Fin Tech, the Life Sciences, Manufacturing, and Smart Cities.  For further information on this module, and IAE’s MSIO, please contact Prof. Mohamed Minhaj at .

Dr. Lee SCHLENKER will be facilitating BAI’s module on “The Technologies of Innovation” in GEM’s Masters in Digital Business Strategy in Paris this April 4-6. The module explores the relationship between information technologies and different forms of organizational innovation. In examining this year’s theme “Is Artificial Intelligence a proof of innovation”, students will explore technology as a lever of innovation, the internet of things and the internet of value, the scope of the vision of “AI First” and use cases in smart cities, logistics and the life sciences.  Part of the module will be held this year in the Vinci Group’s innovation center Leonard with corporate testimony on their work on AI, smart city initiatives and transportation.

Community Events

The I ICI2ST 2019 will be hosted by the Escuela Politécnica Nacional (Quito-Ecuador, South America) from 13 to 15 November 2019. I ICI2ST 2019 is an opportunity for researchers, engineers and developers from academia, industry and public sector to meet together and discuss the recent trends in topics related to Information Systems, Software Engineering and Applications. The conference will accept research and application papers on the state of the art of technologies, theory, design and implementation of information systems, software systems and IT applications. The conference proceeding  will be published on a prestigious editorial and send to be indexed on SCOPUS.

Important dates:  Paper submission: 1 July 2019 Notification of acceptance: 22 July 2019 For more information consult the conference website and reach out to

The Data Science Society will be organizing its sixth monthly Datathon on April 12-14 around the theme, "Fighting against Air Pollution and Applying Computer Vision with Drones".  This event regularly draws over two hundred participants from thirty different countries to solve real world problems. Data Scientists with 1 to 20+ years of experience are challenged to develop machine learning algorithms to address each month's topic. For more information on this event,  please contact Denitsa Yordanova at

Community News

Let our community know here what projects you're working on, and if and how they can get involved. Contact Lucile Sorenson at <>

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In challenging the participants to think out of the box, the pedagogical program of tthe BAI Summer School will focus on workshops and case studies drawn from Health Analytics, Smart Cities, and Logistics.

 The Ambassador Program

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BAI faculty facilitated a key module again this year in SDMIMD’s Analytics Track, Analytics in Action, in Mysore, India. 

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