Coaching on Demand

In working with the Institute, your teams can transform their data into impactful decisions for their organizations and their customers.


Developed from our contributions to recent customer success stories, the Business Analytics Institute is proud to announce a new service of coaching on demand for your Data Science team. The service can be offered on site or during punctual training sessions in line with your objectives and constraints. With a cost/benefit ratio far superior to hiring a consultant or outsourcing your applications, this service can offer you an immediate return on investment.  

Coaching on Demand can help your Data Science/BI/IT team leverage your proprietary or publicly accessible data to provide management with the descriptive, predictive or prescriptive applications to support your business.  Our industry grown professionals can help your team understand the opportunities of the latest platforms, methodologies and tools of both machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Our coaches have a solid knowledge of ¨both proprietary (SAS, Oracle, Azure, Tableau, ProM…) and open source (Python, R, Weka, Spark) components. Our knowledge goes beyond the technology to the business challenges in manufacturing, distribution, finance and service industries. In offering step by step guidance to your team, we will help your team accelerate their learning curve in designing, coding, implementing, and evaluating data science applications form start to finish.  

The Business Analytics Institute has a proven track record in training, coaching and managing data science teams. Our customer references include Accenture, Berger-Levrault, Cegid, E&Y, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, NationBuilder, SAS, Semdee, as well as several universities, business schools,  public administrations and SMBs in the US, Europe and Asia. 


Our conditions and customer testimonials are available upon request. For more information; please contact Davy Cielen at

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Ethics of Data Science

The Ethics of Data Science

The increasing digitalization of human activity shapes the very definitions of how we evaluate the world around us


The BAI Spring Session

Coaching on Demand

BAI is proud to announce a new service of coaching on demand for your Data Science team.

The Business Analytics Institute

BAI Fall Session 

The Business Analytics Institute and SDMIMD will be offering a 10-day Fall Session on the ethical implications of data science September 6th to 15th in Mysore, India 

 The Ambassador Program

Technologies and Innovation

Prof. Lee Schlenker facilitated the “Technology and Innovation” module of GEM’s Specialized Masters in Digital Strategy this month in Paris, France

Partner Interview

Partner Interview - Cuurios

Cuurios is a young Dutch software engineering company founded by Leen de Gaaf and Gaetan Giraud


 Nearest Neighbors

Getting to Know your Nearest Neighbors

What is k-NN, how does it work, what are its use scenarios, and how has it facilitated innovations in facial recognition technologies?


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