The BAI Fall Session 

The Business Analytics Institute and SDMIMD will be offering a 10-day Fall Session on Data Ethics from September 6th to 15th in Mysore, India.


Our Fall session will highlight the ethical challenges associated with the practice of Data Science. Our professors and experts will help established managers and management students focus on the needs to develop data practices that address the challenges of  consumer privacy, implied bias, automated decision-making,  and micro-targeting.

The session will provide three dozen participants with a solid understanding of the practice of data science - how to evaluate the data at hand, how to apply the appropriate methodologies to specific types of personal and professional challenges, and how to transform data into collective action. 

Course discussions will be facilitated by industry-recognized experts in their field.  Company visits and professional speakers from the industry leaders and makers will highlight this session.

The BAI Fall Session  is set in one of  India's most prized tourist destinations. The Karnataka region offers you breathtaking landscapes, as well as history, culture, and leisure time activities to suit all tastes.

Courses will be held on the campus of the Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara Institute for Management Development, as well as in Bangalore's Electronics City.  A dedicated study tour/track will be organized for our business delegates.

Quick facts

  • The Fall Session will focus on the Ethics of Data Science using examples from automated decision making, micro-targeting, distributed ledgers, and data privacy (GDPR and the India’s PDPB)
  • The session is open to upper class and graduate management and engineering students, as well as working professionals aiming to develop their practical knowledge and skills in Data Science
  • This Fall’s international  faculty includes Profs. Mentzer, Minhaj, Schüz, and Schlenker.  Course syllabi are available on request.
  • Company speakers and/or visits are planned with Mindtree, Semdee, TCS, et the UDAI. 
  • Our cultural visits will include Mysore Palace, Gardens, Electronics city, The Art of Living, as well as yoga and cooking classes
  • The practicums will be run using Microsoft Azure Machine Learning  
  • The basic fees for the session are USD 1299 for the class fees, USD 500 for social budget, and USD 700 for student housing.



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The Business Analytics Institute

BAI Fall Session 

The Business Analytics Institute and SDMIMD will be offering a 10-day Fall Session on the ethical implications of data science September 6th to 15th in Mysore, India 

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