BAI Interview Series with Professor Minhaj: Bridging the Skills Gap in Data Analytics


In the fifth installment in the BAI series of Data Science interviews, we talk to Prof. Mohamed Minhaj of SDMIMD. Prof Minhaj has specialized in Web Services and Information Management since completing his MCA and M.Phil in Computer Science. In his ten years of teaching and consulting for APTECH, ECIL, St. Philomena's College, and the University of Mysore, he has led consulting assignments for government agencies, international corporations, and NGOs. Finally, he is a visiting professor at the International School of Information Management (ISIM), Mysore and has also been a resource person for training programs conducted by Kuvempu University and KSOU. We discussed together the current state of Data Analytics and the challenges of developing talent today. 

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A BAI Interview Series: Lee Schlenker on Data Science Skills



In the fourth installment in the Business Analytics Institute series of Data Science interviews, we talk to Lee Schlenker. He is a Professor of Business Analytics and Community Management, as well as one of the Principals in the Business Analytics Institute. His research interests include analytics, decision-making, and community management. We talked with him about Data Science skills and the data culture in business. 

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BAI Interview Series: Dean McKeown on Data Science Skills



In the third instalment in the Business Analytics Institute series of Data Science interviews we talk to Dean McKeown. He is the Associate Director of the Analytics Masters program at Queen’s University, Ontario, Canada. His research interests include big data, analytics and governance. We talked with him about Data Science skills and the data culture in business. 

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BAI Interview Series: Davy Cielen On Data Science Skills

BAI Interview Series: Davy Cielen On Data Science Skills


The Business Analytics Institute is conducting a survey through a series of interviews to explore the essential data science skills needed by managers. In our second interview in the series, we talked to Davy Cielen, a Data Science consultant and Senior Lecturer in Data Analytics. Here’s what he had to say;

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BAI Interview Series: Yves Mulkers on Data Science Skills


We recently interviewed Yves Mulkers, founder of Yves is a Business Intelligence and Data Architecture consultant with twenty years of experience in the field.  We wanted to question Yves on which entry-level skills are  required of management in manufacturing or service organizations today particularly in data science and analytics. 

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Data Science Food Security

Can Data Science solve Food Security?


The LinkedIn Group Analytics for Management, as well as The Business Analytics Institute, are proud to support Queen's International Innovation Challenge, which challenges post-graduate students from all over the planet to use their data analytical skills to solve one of the most pressing issues in the 21st century Food Security.

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Managing a Data Science Team


In this recent article, by Istvan Hajnal shares his own experiences as a manager of data scientists:

“I noticed...that data scientists, but also statisticians and some top coders, often have difficulties in accepting orders from managers who don’t have technical skills themselves. This does not mean that they would publicly disobey, but rather they would use some technical excuse to do whatever they wanted to do, knowing very well that the manager didn’t have the technical knowledge to challenge them. Coming from an IT and statistics background gave me(just enough) credibility to be taken seriously, and that gave me a head start compared to other managers.”

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Friday Roundup


Quick reads to that are well worth reading this weekend:

How To Write A Data Science Resume When You're Coming From Academia

Creating an impactful Data science C.V. is definately a challenge given that the requirements of data science roles vary tremendously from one industry. to the next(and often from one company to the next…) This article covers questions like- Have you understood the role(s) you're applying for? What qualities will companies expect to see on your C.V. ? What should you highlight on your C.V.?

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It's both what you know and who you know....

 Good morning everyone and a very warm welcome to the new members. I would like this to be a group where we share ideas on skill improvement, and learning opportunities within the Data Science community and learning from each other. Here’s a round-up of webinar events and meet-ups for Data Scientists. Business Analytics Institute has no affiliation with these organisations. I just thought they would be good opportunities to improve skills and keep up to date with the industry. Feel free to share with anyone you know who would be interested in these webinars.

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Employment Opportunities



Looking for your next career step?

Good Morning Group! For anyone interested in Data Science jobs , Our selection of roles based in Europe open for application can be found on LinkedIn Group Page here. The posts are in English and French. There is a couple of freelance and contract opportunities. The jobs are posted on the Jobs Tab. We will try and bring you these every week as we find them. Please share these with anyone that you know would be interested.