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 Change2.PNG "Why is interest in blockchain accelerating so rapidly? The reason lies less in the technology, and more in the focus on identifying and implementing business use cases."  Schmarzo, Bill, Second Derivative: The Accelerating Rate of Change  arrowfold.jpg
 Work2.PNG  "IT firms in India are in the midst of the industry’s largest retrenchment drive, with seven of the biggest companies, including Infosys, Wipro and Cognizant, planning to lay off 56,000 engineers this year.’Abhijit Bhaduri, Abhujit, The New World Of Work Workers & Workplaces  arrowfold.jpg
 Scientist.PNG "The IT biz has historically rebranded job titles based upon what’s trending – today’s Software Architects were once known as Designers or Systems Engineers. Nothing is trending faster and louder than predictive analytics, machine learning, deep learning and AI. So it’s our turn to rebrand data geeks as data scientists."Chuck Russell, You are not a Data Scientist  arrowfold.jpg
 Boxes.PNG "The ability to push against corporate expectation requires leadership -- a key data scientist skill for defining best practices and driving the culture toward a data-driven decisions approach." Bridget Brotelho, Data scientist skills range from data prep to storytelling    arrowfold.jpg

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basket2.JPG Management isn’t about telling people what to do, but helping others make the best possible choices. Human decision-making is more often than not hindered by perceptions of risk, uncertainty, and ambiguity rather than the lack of data....   arrowfold.jpg
Bayonne2.png The Business Analytics Institute is a service provider dedicated to helping both managers and management improve their ability to take tough decisions...  arrowfold.jpg
School2.JPG Our Summer Program  is designed to explore the mission critical skills in applying data science to business decision-making in fields ranging from marketing, operations, finance, to management, human resources, and accounting...  arrowfold.jpg
 Design2.png Designed for high potential management, Business Analytics Institute offers a one-day MasterClass to improve managerial decision-making...  arrowfold.jpg
 Student2.png What do the participants think about the Business Analytics Institute. A large selectionof participant feedback on our conferences over the years on three continents...  arrowfold.jpg


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