Community Management

.If technology has long amplified our participation in social and economic communities, digital technologies today largely condition our ability to interact, to communicate and to influence.


Leadership is more important than ever in the Digital Age.

The traditional skills associated with leadership haven’t changed, but the vision of how management look at their assets, organizations, and markets has. 

Sense-making is more important than ever in networked organizations — social relationships offer individuals and organizations the ability to contextualize and connect in increasingly volatile environments.

Community Management isn’t about mastering digital marketing, but about inspiring change in organizational culture and processes to harness intangible assets. 

 The goal of community management is to improve collective decision-making - helping organizations ask the right questions, filtering  imperfect information, defining viable visions for the future, and transforming data into impactful action. 

Community Management is a cornerstone of the Institute's research agenda, as well as its Masterclass, Summer School and Executive Education modules.