The BAI Fall Session on the Ethics of Data Science

The Business Analytics Institute and SDM Institute for Management Development will be offering a 10-day Fall Session next September 6th to 15th in Mysore, India on the ethical implications of data science. 



This year’s session will highlight the ethical challenges and practices associated with the practice of Data Science. 

Our professors and experts will help established managers and management students focus on the needs to develop of data protection, consumer privacy, consumer trust, implied bias, automated decision-making,  and prescriptive analytics.

This accredited Fall Session will help both management students and confirmed managers improve their practice of data science. 

 The 2019 BAI FallSession will be held in Mysore, India on the campus of SDMIDM at No. 1, Chamundi Hill Rd, Siddhartha Nagar, Mysuru, Karnataka.

Each course will be facilitated by recognized practitioners and experts in their respective fields. 


“The BAI has allowed me for the first time to really dive into the world of AI and machine learning. In addition to the understanding the theoretical principles, I also enjoyed the opportunity to apply the learned theories to practical examples, which also gave me an insight into the daily activities of a data scientist.”


Student at ZHAW

Swiss Life Assets Management

Set in the landscape of the imperial city of Mysore India, the BAI Fall Session offers the perfect setting to give your career a boost!

Download our the fall session brochure, and feel free to contact Lucile Sorenson at <>


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