Fall Program on The Ethics of Data Science

The current revolution in Artificial Intelligence offers management a new paradigm designed to improve human,  social and technological systems.  What do you need to master in AI, and how can it enrich your current work and future careers ?

The BAI Fall Session on the Ethics of Data Science is designed for management students and confirmed managers wishing to leverage analytics to make a positive impact inside their business communities.

In our seminars, we will examine the progress, and debate the opportunities, and explore the ethical challenges of Data Science in the foreseeable future :

  • In our introduction to Artificial Intelligence, we will examine how the paradigm shift from narrow to machine learning to artificial intelligence can alter our use of descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics.
  • Management is all about human decision-making. In class and out, we will look at the causes of poor decisions: risk, uncertainty, and ambiguity as well as the cognitive biases that influence how we look at the data. 

  • The goal of data science isn’t to make machines more intelligent, but to improve our ability to take the right decisions. In our machine learning workshops, we will explore how data practices focusing on consumer trust can add value to business. 

  • Your future value won’t depend on what you do behind the screen as much as what you do in front of your customers and colleagues.  In our workshops on data storytelling, we will analyze why crunching the data isn’t enough, and apply data storytelling to incite collective action.

On the SMDIMD campus in Mysore, in our company visits and social events in Bangalore, you will have an opportunity to refine your analytical abilities with your classmates from all over the world.

By successfully completing the BAI Fall Session on The Ethics of Data Science, you will earn 4 ECTS credits, as well as a BAI professional certificate.


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