Fall Program on The Ethics of Data Science

The current revolution in Artificial Intelligence offers management a new paradigm designed to improve human,  social and technological systems.  What do you need to master in AI, and how can it enrich your current work and future careers ?

The BAI Fall Session on the Ethics of Data Science is designed for management students and confirmed managers wishing to leverage analytics to make a positive impact inside their business communities.

In our seminars, we will examine the progress, and debate the opportunities, and explore the ethical challenges of Data Science in the foreseeable future 

Quick facts

  • The Fall Session will focus on the Ethics of Data Science using examples from automated decision making, micro-targeting, distributed ledgers, and data privacy (GDPR and the India’s PDPB)
  • The session is open to upper undergraduate and graduate management and engineering students, as well as working professionals aiming to develop their practical knowledge and skills in Data Science
  • This Fall’s international  faculty will be composed of Profs. Hitz, Minhaj, Sieber and Schlenker.  Course syllabi are available on request.
  • Company speakers and/or visits are planned with Mindtree, Semdee, TCS, et the UDAI. 
  • Our cultural visits will include Mysore Palace, Gardens, Electronics city, The Art of Living, as well as yoga and cooking classes
  • The practicums will be run using Microsoft Azure Machine Learning  
  • The basic fees for the session are USD 1299 for the class fees, USD 500 for social budget, and USD 700 for student housing.

On the SMDIMD campus in Mysore, in our company visits and social events in Bangalore, you will have an opportunity to refine your analytical abilities with your classmates from all over the world.

By successfully completing the BAI Fall Session on The Ethics of Data Science, you will earn 4 ECTS credits, as well as a BAI professional certificate.


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