Frequently Asked Questions


What is not included in the participation and tuition fees?

Books, course material, housing, social program and meals are not included in the fees and must be paid separately.

Do you have any scholarships available for AU Summer University?

Unfortunately, we DO NOT have scholarships available for AU Summer University courses.

I am not sure that I will receive my English test results/other documentation before the deadline (15 March). Can I still apply?

You can submit your application in the application system, uploading an empty document instead of your missing documentation (please make a note in the comments that you will be providing the documentation at a later stage). When we check the documents in your application, we will set your application to "incomplete". This will re-open your access to the application allowing you to upload your final documentation when you have it. Also, remember to resubmit your application once you have uploaded the final documentation.

Please note that we cannot guarantee to take any documentation into consideration that is received later than April 15th.

My university uses another kind of credit system than ECTS - how do I know if I have what's equivalent to 180 ECTS?

Generally speaking, 180 ECTS is equivalent to three years of full-time studies. If your university does note accept ECTS, we will do an individual assesment on your documentation once we receive your application.