Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQ)

The fees for our GRDP MasterClass are fixed at 995 E HT per participant.


What are the objectives of this MasterClass?

Our MasterClass has been designed to help organizations successfully prepare for the new EU regulation on personal data protection that will go into effect on May 25th, 2018. Our approach goes beyond the potential legal ramifications to explore the impact of the legislation on your managerial processes, tools, roles, and practices. After having paricipated in  this training, you will be able to identify the previsions of the legislation that are applicable to your company, the processes will need to be progressively put in place, and the training to provide for your employees.

Is your organization subject to the requirements of GDPR?

If you collect, store, use personal data of European citizens you are referred to as "Data Controllers". If you process personal data on behalf of other companies you are referred to as "Data Processors". In both cases, regardless of your physical location, you will need to demonstrate that you adhere to the principles of GRDP.

What does this new legislation imply?

At a minimum, the text requires new business processes in order to: 

  • Design new data processes that respect data privacy;
  • Supervise internal audits of personal and customer data protection measures;
  • Advise management on the issues around the data privacy. 
  • Inform and support employees who work with personal and sensitive data;
  • Prompty process employee and customer complaints regarding data protection;
  • Respond timely to requests for information from the National Data Authorities.

What is meant by personal data?

Personal data refers to any information, held by the organization, whether in be proprietary or open data, that can be used to identify a physical person. This data may include IP addresses, names, photos, e-mail or postal addresses, telephone numbers, internal numbers, connection identifiers, voice recordings, and so on.

What are the possible sanctions for non-compliance?

The legislation imposes heavy administrative fines on both data controllers and data processors who do not comply with the regulations: depending on the category of the offense, from 10 to 20 M €, or, in the case of a corporation, from 2 to 4% of its worldwide annual turnover (article 83 of the RGPD). 

Sanctions apart, we believe that this legislative constraint should be considered as an opportunity to evolve your digital strategy while respecting the fundamental rights of your employees and your customers. 

What are the dates and price of the MasterClass?

The next two MasterClass in Paris will take place on March 16th and April 12th. We offer a 25% discount from two participants from the same organization for the same date. We also offer on-site training (for up to 15 employees) for a fixed fee of 3750 Euros, plus out of pocket expenses.

What are the key takeaways of this course?

This MasterClass offers a holistic view of the RGPD legislation while proposing a methodology that can be leveraged to  enrich your organization's digital strategy. After successfully completing the workshop, each participant will be able to better:

  • Understand the vision and obligations of the RGPD
  • Evaluate the impact of compliance on the internal managerial pratices and pocedures
  • Propose new data processes that respect the spirit of the legislation.
  • Promote employee awareness training to influence managerial practices with regard to personal and sensitive data.

For which managerial roles is this course intended ?

Our MasterClass offers a strategic vision of the legislation around a modification of the practices of treatment and the use of the personal data.  This workshop is a must for yur future "DPO", and will prove extremely useful for your IT, software, HR, marketing and sales managers.