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How To Write A Data Science Resume When You're Coming From Academia

Creating an impactful Data science C.V. is definately a challenge given that the requirements of data science roles vary tremendously from one industry. to the next(and often from one company to the next…) This article covers questions like- Have you understood the role(s) you're applying for? What qualities will companies expect to see on your C.V. ? What should you highlight on your C.V.?

Banks now use chatbots to solve customer queries based on transaction history, financial and portfolio management institutions deploy sentiment analysis and algorithms to consistently generate handsome returns for customers. In the age of decision sciences, all this and more can be effortlessly achieved. Thanks to the quantum advances in technology, today decision sciences are the cornerstone of success in the data-driven world. 
Decision sciences are helping corporations in banking, financial services and insurance ecommerce, telecom, transportation and wherever industry can process massive amounts of data to leverage their business potential.