Managerial Decision Making

Despite the panoply of data at our fingertips, managerial decision making isn’t significantly better today than it was thirty years ago.


Digital Transformation is providing management today with a wide range of possibilities to understand individual and group behaviors, objectives and actions.  Understanding the nature of the business problems we are trying to solve, the types of the data we have at our disposal, and the appropriate methods to address each type of problem is the key to improving managerial decision making.

This introduction discusses how managers can harness the techniques of information and cognitive sciences to improve their contributions in the design, production, marketing of products, service and experiences.

Participant feedback on our conferences:

 “This course will of great use in my future career as you’ve presented a variety of innovative ways to think about the application of decision-making in improving organizations” – MK (Newcastle)

"The conflict, competence, vision, and metrics really benefit my insight of nto management and business itself. Thank you very much for not just delivering the info but also a way of thinking to me.” - TS (London)