Digital Economics

Economies and markets today are no longer limited to the exchange of products and services - for the introduction of digital technologies has progressively transformed our the production and consumption of our products, services and ideas.


As an individual, we are no longer judged by our intrinsic qualities, but by the quality of the impressions we leave. As a manager, we no longer evaluate ideas and markets directly, but with the help of "facts", opinions, and experiences created by this fourth industrial revolution.

In this module, we will explore how the digital economy has conditioned perceptions of ourselves, our communities and our challenges. During our conferences and workshops, we will study how the digital economy influences skills, leadership, values, and networks using case studies examples from a wide range of industries and trades.

We will also examine the impact of the new European legislation RGDP on how organizations must capture, store and use data in the near future. 

Using a storytelling format, we will discuss the implications for the development of our mindsets, careers, communities.