The Business Analytics MasterClass 

Designed for high potential management, Business Analytics Institute offers a one-day MasterClass to improve managerial decision-making


Business Analytics was ranked last year as the “best job in America” - best in terms of the salary, of job opportunities and work-life balance.

Our mission isn’t to tell managers what to do, but to help you learn to take better decisions.  We will be focusing our discussion on three fundamental business levers: managerial decision making, machine learning, and telling stories with data.

Our corporate certified program will help you learn to better analyze the data at hand, choose the appropriate method to address a wide range of management issues, and transform data into action. 

This one-day investment to take stock of what you know and what you can learn about analytics will continue to pay dividends for you and your organization in the months to come.

What would taking better decisions mean for you and your customers?

Participant feedback on our conferences:

 “This course will of great use in my future career as you’ve presented a variety of innovative ways to think about the application of decision-making in improving organizations” – MK (Newcastle)

“I no longer regret having spent four years studying technology. Thank you very very much, this was one of the greatest courses I have ever had.” – SH (Kiev)


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