Complying with GDPR

If this GDPR will impact all public and private organizations that process data of European citizens,  few have thought through how this legislative "constraint" can become an opportunity to leverage their digital strategy for the forseeable future.


The General Data Protection Regulation will condition what and how personal data can be used commercially. Effective May 25th, 2018, the legislation will apply to all public and private organizations that process data of European citizens, regardless of their base of operations.

We will  examine the impact of this legislations GDPR on how organizations must capture, store and use data in the near future. This certified workshop is designed to help operational managers and consultants master the tools and the methods needed to design and implement a GDPR data protection strategy.

During this one-day session, we will examine:

  • How to prepare for GDPR compliance
    • What constitutes personal data.
    • The roles of data controllers, data processors, and data protection authorities.
    • The rights of data subjects
  • How to conduct a DPIA
    • The principles of data protection
    • Legal requirements for a DPIA
    • The practice of Privacy by Design
  • The role of the DPO
    • Giving and withdrawing consent.
    • Handling data subject access requests.
    • Transferring personal data
  • The principles of data protection 
    • Accountability, Privacy and Confidentiality
    • The security of personal data

This  session is designed for professionals working with, or aspiring a career as Data Protection Officers.