A New Year's Resolution

Taking better decisions, rather than producing or crunching the data, is the key to better management.

As last year came to a close,  each day seemed to bring its load of contentious decision-making whether it be in politics, business or society. Perhaps management needs to look beyond the data and telling people what to do, and focus on why people take poor decisions : the lack of anticipation, indecisiveness, negligence, and isolation. Our New Year's resolution is to redefine management as the ability to help others take better decisions.

In this month's edition we continue our series on the basic algorithms of data science, we explore the notion of Trust by Design, and we discuss AI's potential contribution to airport excellence. You can also find a synopsis of the Institute's current events, as well as our upcoming Bryant University/BAI Spring Session on Artificial Intelligence for Management.  

With our best wishes for a good measure of success in your personal and professional projects throughout the year!


 In this issue :

Find that Panda

Find that Panda ! Exploring the SVM algorithm

The essence of Data Science isn’t looking at the data but developing our ability to analyze contextual relationships from differing dimensions. Support vector machines are an excellent example...

The Business Analytics Institute

The  Business Analytics Institute

The Business Analytics Institute improves managerial decision-making through the application of Data Science.

The BAI Spring Session

The  BAI 2019 Spring Session on Artificial Intelligence for Management

The Business Analytics Institute and Bryant University will be offering a 10-day Spring Session March 1 to 10th in the Greater Boston area on the foundations of artificial intelligence in  business. 

 The Ambassador Program

BAI's Ambassador Program

The BAI Ambassador Program is a unique opportunity for qualified students everywhere to gain valuable experience with the global Data Science community.

The Paradox of Trust

Leveraging your data in a Post-GDPR world

Your efforts of regulatory compliance may  be misguided, for your corporate data will never be worth more than the confidence your stakeholders have in your data practices...

 Airport Excellence

Can AI reinvent airport excellence?

Artificial intelligence can be a source of revenue opportunities as airports are evolving from terminals to multi-modal business and leisure centers. What are the critical success factors in applying AI to airport management?


This Newsletter has been created specifically for the BAI community to foster conversation around the use of analytics in improving business decision-making.