Putting AI First

Putting AI first as a business strategy requires a sharp break with past business practices of leveraging IT

Overshadowed by the constant buzz of the « Fourth Industrial Revolution » and « Human-centered A.I. » in Davos last month, artificial intelligence could be read on the lips of most every CEO in attendance.[1]  In sharp contrast with the diversity of the technical introductions, there seemed common mindset around the bottom line:  artificial intelligence is a massive opportunity for both commerce and industry. In the shadows of such euphoria the answers to two fundamental questions seemed lost in the chatter:  how will organizations implement AI, and how can human and machine intelligence be leveraged together to bring tangible benefits to the business?  


 In this issue :

Find that Panda

Putting AI First

How can human and machine intelligence together be leveraged to bring tangible benefits to the business?


The BAI Spring Session

The  Business Analytics Institute

In brief, the recent projects, conferences, bootcamps and publicatons of the Institute

The Business Analytics Institute

The  BAI 2019 Summer School on the Practice of Data Science

The Business Analytics Institute will once again be offering a 10-day Summer School this July 1-10 in Bayonne, France for senior undergraduate and graduate students on the Practice of Data Science

 The Ambassador Program

BAI University Consortium

Our academic members conduct research and consulting assignments with a variety of clients including IBM, NationBuilder, Oracle, SAP and SAS.

The Paradox of Trust

Partner Interview - Davy Cielen

Managing Director of Maiton Consulting, Davy Cielen took time out during the IQPC conference on Airport Excellence to share his thoughts on his experience, his current work, and opportunities in Data Science.

 Airport Excellence

Artificial Neural Networks: Man vs Machine

What exactly are ANNs, how do they work, how do they differ from other machine learning algorithms, and what are their use scenarios in data science?


This Newsletter has been created specifically for the BAI community to foster conversation around the use of analytics in improving business decision-making.