Next steps on your way to Bayonne...


1 - Complete the registration process

Once you have completed your registration information,  please send a copy (pdf or equivalent) of your valid passport or identity card, school transcripts, proof of your proficiency in English, and health insurance to

2 - Maintain your account on the Summer School Portal.

On the Summer School portal, once you've created your account, you can maintain your contact information, make further payments, view your grades, and request a transcript.

3 - Meet registration deadlines.

Once your application has been reviewed, we will receive an acceptation letter and a payment receipt. You will also receive a temporary password for your online account.

Please note that full payment must be received by June 2nd, 2018:

3 - Prepare your trip.

we will be updating the regularly the information on courses and activities on the Summer School portal, blogs, and YouTube channel.  

Watch for emails from the Summer School with additional information and updates.

4-  Arrival and Checkin.

Students for the summer session should arrive on campus and check in on Sunday afternoon, July 1rst. You will be able to move into your accommodation, pick up ID cards, and learn about activities and resources.

Full information about arrival and check-in for all sessions will be available in the spring.

We will update this page regularly with information to help you prepare your Summer School experience.


Please contact Lucile Sorenson at <>


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