How Data Science leads to better decision-making




This week’s news in the US, in Europe, and in the Middle East is a vivid reminder of the fallacy of rational decision-making.  Whether we are reading about business, economics or society, each day seems to bring its load of conspicuously poor decision-making. Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman have outlined several reasons why decision-makers fail including negligence, lack of anticipation, indecisiveness, and isolation. Are fake news, faked facts, and manipulated opinions the cause or the result of poor decisions? Most importantly, what can be done to improve our decision-making skills for our organizations, our customers, and our careers?


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How Data Science leads to better decision-making

We live in a time and space in which the which data is constantly mistaken for facts. Taking better decisions, rather than crunching the data, is the ultimate benchmark for improving management.... 


The  BAI 2018 Summer School on Data Science for Management

Designed to develop the mission-critical skills in applying data science to business decision-making, this year's session will use examples from Health Analytics and the Life Sciences ....


The  Business Analytics Institute

The Business Analytics Institute is a service provider dedicated to helping both managers and management improve their ability to take tough decisions...


New MasterClass : The High Road to GDPR

In our GDPR MasterClass we explore what the legislation is all about, how it will impact the practice of data science, and what you can do to turn this “threat” into an opportunity...


Is Digital Storytelling the Future of Data Science?

Online videos now account for eighty percent of global internet traffic - but what does this mean for Data Science?

 Analytics for Management

Analytics for Management – a new academic textbook from BAI

What do future managers need to understand about data, decision science and machine learning to add value to their organizations and their clients? 


This Newsletter has been created specifically for the BAI community to foster conversation around the use of analytics in improving business decision-making.