Living summer school

With its colorful houses and surrounded by water, its many bars and restaurants, shops and festivals, Bayonne is a charming and vivid town where life is to enjoy!

However many students have to get along with a low budget compared to their interest in exploring their new country or city of living. Here we gathered some ideas to find your place and get along in the new environment…


Bayonne’s cultural life is rich: cinemas, theaters, museums and an exciting nightlife wait for you. Students enjoy discounts at almost all cultural events and spaces!


Do you like watching movies? If so, you’re right in Bayonne!


There are three different cinemas in the area, two of them provide many different films in original versions (with French subtitles) : L’Atalante and l’Autre Cinema in Saint Esprit, Bayonne. They belong together and correspond to the rich tradition of French cinema. L’Atalante also includes a bar and a small gallery to visit. Their film program is well selected and it is a particular experience to visit the movies, because they are usually well attended (student’s ticket: 4.50€). The cinema Le Royal in Biarritz is also a very good choice for original versions.


Additionally you can find the Cinema Mega CGR in Bayonne’s South and the Monciné in Anglet, where you can choose from a wide variety of films, mostly dubbed in French.


To be or not to be? Bayonne’s city theater is in the same building as the city hall in the center of Bayonne and plays many different pieces.


In the Rue des Basques in Grand Bayonne you can find a small theater called “Luna Negra” which offers different plays, cabaret, small concerts and off theater in a cozy atmosphere.



In the center of Biarritz you can find the theater “Gare du Midi” in the building of the old railway station. There you can visit musicals, dance shows, theater plays and cabaret.



Euskara badakizu? Do you speak Basque?



For the daily life of Bayonne the Basque culture is very

important. To get to know more about the Basque culture

and the city’s history it is highly recommended to visit

the Basque Museum! It’s exhibitions change often and deal with different topics of historic and contemporary life.



For those who love art, Bayonne houses an art museum and

various small art galleries that are worth a visit.

The Museum Bonnat-Helleu (currently under renovation)

is specialized in fine arts.



Interesting exhibitions, collections and excursions concerning natural history and wildlife you can visit at the Natural History Museum Ansot, sited in the heart of a natural park and next to the Nive river.

For sea-lovers it may be interesting to visit the Sea Museum with Aquarium in Biarritz and watch the seals being fed! It is also a perfect spot to enjoy the ocean view!


Locations & night life

In Bayonne and its surroundings you can find many

concert- and event locations.

To name just a view of them:


THE ATABAL (Biarritz)

The Atabal in Biarritz has a rich program all year long and hosts different concerts and events (rock, alternative, pop ...), small art exhibitions and music classes. You will definitely find something for your taste!


Ecuries de Baroja in Anglet also offers a variety of concerts and cultural events in a special atmosphere: the building is a beautifully renovated former horse stable and hosts various artist’s studios and music groups.

The Quintao in Anglet with its modern architecture (including a terrace with a view) is a good place to go for many events (dance gatherings, shows, conferences) and includes also a restaurant and café.


In Petit Bayonne you will find many bars and peñas, where concerts and sometimes also theater plays take place. The Kalostrape in the Rue Marengo is a Basque cultural center which offers many different events (DJs, concerts, language exchanges, cultural events) and is definitely a place to visit! In one old bunker in the castle you can find the event location Le Magneto which you frankly have to like in its rather “underground” atmosphere (mostly Rock concerts).


You play music yourself? In the Caveau des Augustins in Grand Bayonne you can join the jam sessions!  Jazz, swing and 60s/70s music is presented. To find a band to play in, visit the BIJ (see below). The Irish pub Katie Daly’s next to the town hall is a place where the foreigners of Bayonne gather in the evenings – and where you can order in English!


1 coffee                                                      € 1

1 baguette                                                 € 0.90

1 croissant                                                 € 1

1 meal at the university restaurant        € 3.60

1 menu in a restaurant in the center      € 10-14

1 sandwich                                                € 3-5

1 glass of wine                                          € 2.50-5

1kg of pasta                                                 € 1

1kg of rice                                                € 1.90

1kg of potatoes                                         € 1.20

1 liter of milk                                            €1.20



For further information about culture, arts and places to go out at night check the following websites: