The High Road to GDPR

The end goal of GDPR is about influencing mindsets about how organisations use data to interact with their employees and customers, to propose new products and services, and to monitor performance.


The group that attended our first breakfast conference on “GDPR: transforming an obligation into an opportunity” presented a specific challenge. What themes could the audience of general managers, CIO’s, marketing directors and Data Scientists discuss together? We proposed to frame this new European directive on data protection as a design challenge: how can GDPR provide an opportunity to improve the value of your organization’s digital properties?

The General Data Protection Regulation will condition what and how personal data can be used commercially. Effective May 25th, 2018, the legislation will apply to all public and private organizations that process data of European citizens, regardless of their base of operations. The penalties for non-compliance can reach €20 Million or four percent of the organization’s annual turnover, whichever is greater.[ii] 

In our GDPR MasterClass we explore what the legislation is all about, how it will impact the practice of data science, and what you can do to turn this “threat” into an opportunity. Designed to help your organization effectively respond to these new requirements for doing business in Europe, our approach goes beyond legal considerations to examine the impact of this legislation on your business processes, tools, roles, and data processing practices.

This workshop will benefit future Data Protection Officers, as well as IT, software, HR, marketing and sales managers that leverage personal data to contribute to their organization’s bottom line. After having participated in this workshop, you will be able to analyze the points of the legislation that are applicable to your company, design the processes that will be progressively implemented, and propose the needed training to your employees.

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