A New LinkedIn Community

The Business Analytics Institute is proud to sponsor the new LinkedIn Group, Analytics for Management, as a community focusing on data science for decision makers 

Together with its founding members, we are proposing a forum where managers and students of management can discuss and debate best practices in the digital economy, new developments in data science and decision making.  In bringing together students, practitioners, and academics, the community will find practical answers to their questions in an open, constructive and spam free environment, as well as advice on how to leverage data in decision making.

The Institute will be proposing several novel services to the group this Fall. Early this month, we proposed a “favorite quotes” section where members can investigate, propose, and vote on recommended quotes on data science and heuristics. In similar fashion, we wil be offering a recommended articles section next month, where members can consult, propose, and vote on “must read” academic and trade articles. We will be introducing a “Twitter” cv section in October, with tips on creating and promoting individual skills and achievements to potential employees.

Check out the Linked Group “Analytics for Management” here. Challenge the community with provocative ideas, propose contributions on data analytics topics of interest, ask for suggestions or examples from your peers’ experiences, and seek advice on data science problems and opportunities.

For more information on this initiative, potential members can contact Myriam Olsen at <info@baieurope.com

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