UPPA/BAI Summer School 

The Business Analytics Institute  and the IAE Bayonne will once again be offering a 10-day Summer School next July in Bayonne, France for senior undergraduate and graduate students on the foundations of data science and heuristics. 

Our unique summer session will provide four dozen participants with a solid understanding of the practice of using analytics - how to evaluate the data at hand, how to apply the appropriate methodologies to specific types of personal and professional challenges, and how to transform data into collective action. This year’s session will highlight the applications of analytics in the fields of health and well-being.

iae.pngOur professors and experts will help participants focus on best practices of work in the digital age, managerial decision-making, machine learning, community management and visual communications.  Upon successful completion of this session, students will earn 4 ECTS from the French university UPPA.

Each course will be facilitated by an industry-recognized expert in Business Analytics. The course content, syllabi, social activities and student testimonials can be reviewed on our YouTube channel.

The BAI Summer School is set in Bayonne, one of Europe’s most prized tourist destinations. This former site of the kingdom of Navarre offers you breathtaking landscapes, as well as history, culture, and leisure time activities to suit all tastes. Social activities will include cultural and festive visits to Biarritz, San Sébastien, and the Principality of Laàs.

For more information on the 2018 program, students can consult the Summer School Website or Lucile Sorenson at <info@baisummer.com

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