BAI's University Consortium

 The Business Analytics Institute’s University Consortium is dedicated to helping both managers and management improve their ability to take tough decisions.


 “We don’t dwell on the past because they know our students belong to the future.” 

BAI offers a wide range of training and consulting services to meet market demand: e-learning and digital content, one-day MasterClasses , Corporate and ExecEd modules, and our dedicated Summer School.  

Our academic members conduct research and consulting assignments with a variety of clients including IBM, NationBuilder, Oracle, SAP and SAS, as well as the Big 4 consulting groups in the manufacturing, telecommunications, public works, and service industries.

Our partners

The BAI partners with three types of organizations in the execution of our mission.

  • Business Schools and Universities looking to promote their expertise in Data Science
  • Private Consultancies that offer trade specific expertise, as well as logistics assistance in the organization of the Institute’s events.
  • Software Editors that provide software and support in executing our training activities

University Member Benefits

The BAI offers a wide range of benefits to its member institutions, including:

BAI Annual Conference

  • The academic conference, held each year at one of our member institutions, will afford faculty and their graduate students the opportunity to present academic research on business analytics, data science, and heuristics to an international audience.
  • The member conference allows offers a unique opportunity for participating universities to compare their pedagogical practices and research agendas with a range of universities world-wide.
  • This annual conference is a key driver for the consortium designed to identify areas for collaboration, to set benchmarks for traditional and ExecEd programs, and to identify a range of collective actions to help meet our members’ operational goals.

BAI Summer School

  • Our BAI Summer School provides international senior undergraduate and graduate students with a solid understanding of the practice of using analytics.
  • Through a series of conferences and workshops, participants practice scanning the context to identify the nature of business problems, qualifying the data at hand, applying the appropriate methodologies to specific types of challenges, and transforming the data into collective action.
  • Our professors and experts will help participants focus on best practices of digital economics, managerial decision-making, artificial intelligence, and data storytelling.  Upon successful completion of each session, students will earn 4 ECTS and a professional certificate.
  • The 2018 Summer School will be held in Bayonne, France. Future editions are currently being planned for other member institutions.

Consortium Employment Opportunities

  • The BAI Consortium is committed to international staff and student mobility, as well as building the capacity of our member institutions worldwide.
  • Our executive committee actively promotes faculty and student exchange between member institutions, as well as research and consulting assignments with our private sector partners.
  • Costs associated with the program are shared directly between the institutions, or through the Erasmus or Erasmus+ programs when applicable.
  • Teaching opportunities, research grants, and study abroad programs are published on the BAI website, newsletter, and social media channels.

The BAI Newsletter – Muse™

  • The BAI Newsletter, MUSE™, has been created specifically for the BAI community to foster conversation around the use of analytics in improving business decision-making. 
  • The newsletter is published four times a year, with electronic copies sent to all consenting companies, institutions, faculty and students.
  • University members are welcome to propose substantive contributions for each issue.

Social media

We are always keen to support community dialogue and debate, and are interested in featuring member news and thought leadership pieces on our website, and social media channels:

Member discounts

  • The BAI negotiates with our private sector partners for preferred pricing on products and services for our members.
  • These discounts and offers are available to all member institutions, as well as our individual members.
  • A list of these offers, as well as the applicable pricing, is listed regularly on the BAI website and newsletter.

Membership Costs

  • Annual university membership fees for 2018/2019 have been fixed at Two Thousand (2000)
  • The subscription year runs from August 1 to July 31 of each year.
  • Fees are payable in Euros and are reviewed annually by our Executive Council.
  • All fees are integrally applied towards the administration and promotion of the Institute’s university activities. The Consortium’s revenues and expenses are published and discussed during the annual conference.

Contact Us

For further questions, and membership applications, please contact Myriam Ozon at