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The Business Analytics Institute’s Principals, Associates and Ambassadors represent a group of international practitioners and specialists with a proven track record in both industry and academics, to facilitate workshops, conferences, and consulting assignments.


Dr. Lee SCHLENKER is Professor of Business Analytics and a Principal Consultant of Busines Analytics Institute.

Over the last twenty years, he has led two dozen missions for Big 4 consulting groups in the manufacturing, telecommunications, public works and service industries.


Davy CIELEN is the co-founder and managing partner of the Maiton Consulting Group and a Principal Consultant of Busines Analytics Institute.

Prof. Cielen is also a at Adjunct Professor Big Data Science at the IESEG School of Management in Lille.


Dr. Mohamed MINHAJ is a Professor with the SDMIMD in India, as well the head of the Institute’s Information Technology department. His domains of His domains of research are Semantic Technologies, Text Analytics, Web Analytics and SNA.


Jean-Pierre NEVEU is Professor of Universities at the IAE Pau-Bayonne. Director of his university’s Master in Management, his teaching and research forcusing on the challenges of Human Ressourc Management.

Guest Faculty


Dr. Chen ZHANGis an Associate Professor of Robotics at Bryant University. His main areas of expertise relate to critical organizational issues, including cross-cultural management, occupational health & safety, motivation, and complex decision-making processes.


Dr. Kevin MENTZER is an Assistant Professor at Bryant Uniersity. His domains of research are Semantic Technologies, Text Analytics, Web Analytics and SNA, he is currently teaching many courses related to Business Analytics.


Marcel SIEBER is a senior research associate at the Zurich University of Applied Science. His main interests are on the impact of Data Science on Smart Cities and Organizational Culture.


Prof. Dr. Kurt STOCKINGERis a Professor Computer Science and Direct of Studies at ZHAW. His research focuses Big Data, data warehousing, business intelligences, advanced analytics and natural language query processing.



Myra Kinalwa is a Social Media Manager who partners with Business Analytics Institute to help them grow their professional online brand.


Adil Daaouak, CTO and Managing Partner @ Innoveos and Data Engineering Consultant @ Maiton.


Baiba Stikane is a Graphic Designer who connects analytic thinking with visual execution to reach the best results



Kenneth Schlenker, Founder/Partner at Stellar Base and ArtList, is a technology marketing specialist based In New York City.