Through the BAI courses and interactions with professors and colleagues, I was given the opportunity to further develop my skills in Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and managerial decision making. The balance between basic concepts and hands-on sessions was very much appreciated.
— STEFAN KAUFMANN - Team Leader at Bluecrest Inc.



The BAI Summer School allowed me for the first time to really dive into the world of AI and machine learning. In addition to the understanding the theoretical principles, I also enjoyed the opportunity to apply the learned theories to practical examples, which also gave me an insight into the daily activities of a data scientist.

Swiss Life Assets Management


I liked the hands-on approach of the BAI session It was interesting to learn the analytical tools actually used in industry. I also enjoyed the social activities which were a great opportunity get a taste of the local culture

Data Science & Media and Content Manager


BAI’s Technology and Innovation module was really interesting. As I am working in communication and advertising it’s really interesting to see how innovative techniques can improve our global performance and benefit to our clients.

Project Manager at Bespoke


In the Business Analytics Institute program, I learned some very important concepts of analytics with reference to management like- Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Process Mining, Digital Economics and Health Analytics. These all helped me a lot to understand the future of analytics and how they can help mankind & society at large

Kapil Kumar VERMA
IT Consultant - Government of India


An unbiased intensive deep dive into AI/ML with the goal to equip participants with tools to better understand data, focus on what matters and make better decisions. Really a horizon broadening experience.

ICT System Administrator – Financial Sector


“I was able to work in a hands-on environment with future data analysts from all around the world. Through the application of real-world experiences, I grew my understanding and skill set of multivariate statistics and data analysis .

Doctoral Student at the University of Baltimore

isabel baillian_clipped.png

The BAI session enlightened me on aspects of innovation that I wasn’t taking into account. I acquired a new perspective on AI and machine learning that I’ve been investigating for quite some time but from a different perspective.”

Digital and Marketing Assistant at Air Liquide


The BAI Summer School has given me practical insight into data analysis and machine learning. Thanks to its course structure, content, and professional execution, the summer school is perfectly suitable for students of both management and data science.

Aleksandar TODOROVIC
Consultant BP & Application Mgmt at KPMG Switzerland