Data is everywhere...but what are you going to do with it? 

The Business Analytics Institute is a service provider dedicated to helping both managers and management improve their ability to make tough decisions.

BAI promotes better decision making through a unique analytical method based on identifying the nature of the business challenge, qualifying the data at hand, applying the right method to each problem type, and transforming the data into impactful action.

The BAI produces applied research, MasterClassesCorporate and ExecEd modules, and a dedicated Summer School. In working with the Institute, high potential managers can help transform their data into impactful decisions for their organizations and their customers.

BAI Principals Lee SCHLENKERDavy CIELEN,  Partners, Ambassadors, Associates represent a group of international practitioners and specialists with a proven track record in both industry and academics, to facilitate workshops, conferences, and consulting assignments.

Our customer references include Accenture, Berger-Levrault, Cegid, E&Y, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, NationBuilder, SAS, Semdee, as well as several dozen universities, business schools,  public administrations and SMBs in the US, Europe and Asia.    

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    Le RGPD menace-t-il l’avenir de Data Science ?

    Si le nouveau cadre législative européen RGPD concerne toute entreprise ou administration qui traite les données des citoyens européens[i], peu de responsables ont réfléchi à la manière dont cette «contrainte» législative pourrait devenir une opportunité de tirer parti de leur stratégie numérique.
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