The Business Analytics Institute


The Business Analytics Institute is a service provider dedicated to helping both managers and management improve their ability to take tough decisions


Who We Are

The Institute's Partners, Invited Professors and Associates have over thirty years experience in industry, consulting, and in Executive Education.

We have worked for a variety of clients including Apple, Cegid, IBM, Oracle, SAP and SAS on four continents, and led dozens of missions for Big 4 consulting groups in the manufacturing, telecommunications, and service industries.


Our Partners

The BAI partners with three types of organizations in the execution of our mission.

Business Schools and Universities looking to promote their expertise in business analytics.

Private Consultancies that offer trade specific expertise, as well as logistics assistance in the organization of the Institute’s events in Europe and Asia.

Software Editors that provide software and support in executing our training activities.


Our Footprint

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“Business analytics is the process of transforming data into action for the purpose of generating insights to drive decisions, actions, and revenue.”
— Lee Schlenker