Student discount code : “BAI25” visit

Student discount code : “BAI25” visit


The Business Analytics Institute will be giving one of the keynote speeches at the Conisance Access Management Open Banking Summit (CAMOB2019) on 14th - 15th November 2019' at Park Inn by Radisson Heathrow, London. The conference, hosted by Conisance Global Ltd., brings together a number of the industry’s thought leaders on a common platform:

  • Dr. Lee Schlenker - Principal of BAI Europe
  • Dr. Demetrios Zamboglou - COO at BABB
  • Ms. Katryna Dow- CEO and Founder at Meeco
  • Mr. Noam Zeigerson - Chief Data Officer at Tandem Bank

The summit is a platform for companies providing leading solutions in KYC, AML, Digital Onboarding, Biometrics and Open Banking, bringing together key decision makers and experienced professionals from the industry.

“CAMOB2019 fuses with the ID4D objectives of the World Bank; where visionaries will be speaking on Identity challenges prevalent across the globe, and infinite possibilities of great associations for attendees” said the CEO of the Conisance, Mr. Pankaj Chaturvedi.

One of the key highlights of the summit is the Masterclass which will be run in conjunction with Business Analytics Institute. This workshop is for the students and researchers titled “ Value, Trust and Identity, The role of AI in the future of Open Banking” and is part of the Conisance initiative to focus the attention of both students and practitioners on the challenges and opportunities of AI and Machine Learning in the Open Banking ecosystem.

“Algorithms create neither value nor values – people do. The key to open banking is co-developing human and machine intelligence” said Dr. Lee Schlenker, Principal of the Business Analytics Institute. “It is important for companies to see open banking not as a technical issue, about APIs and data models, but as a reshaping of the banking sector with all the opportunities that that will bring”.” said David Birch, author of bestselling book 'Identity is the New Money’ and Director of Consult Hyperion

Editor’s notes: About Business Analytics Institute The Business Analytics Institute provides training in the application of Data Science for management. The institute offers MasterClasses, Corporate and ExecEd modules, and a dedicated Data Science programs. Participants learn how to make data-informed decisions using hand-on examples to transform the data into impactful action. Contact For more information on the Business Analytics Institute, please contact Lucile Sorenson at

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